The Upside of Rainy Days

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Yesterday the sky opened up and dumped buckets of rain on Chapel Hill.  As I pulled out my boring rain boots and a jacket that doesn't resemble a rain coat let alone function as one, it made me want to hunt for some awesome rain gear.  


Isle Jacobsen Rain Boots                              25TOGO Design Goggles Umbrella


Hawke Trench Coat                                        Loeffler Randall Rain Boots

Foxy Scarf

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Can you believe it’s November?  This month marks 3 years that I’ve been a vegetarian (I honestly didn’t think I’d last this long) and for some reason makes me really want to buy this scarf at Anthropologie.  If it weren’t hundreds of dollars, I would buy it just for the shock of onlookers.  



Thank You Panasonic!

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Our new camera has finally arrived, and I can hardly put it down!  Once I slipped the neck strap over my head and took my first shot, I knew Joel was going to have to pry it away from me if he ever wanted a turn for himself.  

After a great deal of research, Joel landed on the Panasonic Lumix GF1.  So far I am thrilled and the old school look is just icing on the cake.  Joel gave me my first lesson last night on the neat features and most things appear to be very user friendly and easy to adjust (even for a novice like myself).  I can’t wait to get outside and start snappin’! 


I’ve been following Wally and Zoe around to practice.  Here are a couple of my first shots!


Shoo Shopping

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I was in Milwaukee over the weekend for my final wedding dress fitting and also wandering about town with my sister shopping when we were supposed to be doing wedding stuff. Oops.  I went into Shoo for the first time after walking past it on every trip I make there and I finally went in.  From the outside, I wasn’t expecting to find a great deal that would fit my style.  I was proved wrong.  I found these shoes that felt comfortable enough to live in and that I can’t get out of my head.  



Nerd Alert

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I have a major crush on nerd glasses.  If I had all the money in the world, or were less responsible, I would purchase ten different pairs of glasses all equally nerdy.  The second reason why I love receiving’s updates is all about the glasses that just arrived at my doorstep yesterday.  They look far cooler on the model, but I wear them proudly.  I spreads like wildfire.  Not only do they only cost $95 for a pair of prescription glasses (an extra $30 if you are like me and your vision is less than average), but they offer free at-home try ons and free shipping and returns.  If that wasn’t already enough, they partner with and donate a pair to someone in need for every pair they sell.  I’ve been spreading the word, now it’s your turn.  Go!