Fruit Roll-Ups

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I finally tackled homemade fruit roll-ups!  I searched several different recipes but wasn't satisfied because many of them used a ton of sugar.  So I decided to stick with the basics and alter the recipe depending on how the first batch tasted.  

I used about 2 cups of fresh strawberries and 2 cups of a hodgepodge of berries and mango I had in the freezer.  I defrosted the frozen fruit and tossed everything into a blender.  After I completely pureed the mixture, I added 2 pinches of sugar and blended again.  Then I poured the mixture into the dehydrator tray that is designed for fruit leather.  I dehydrated it for 9 hours but it was still gooey on the bottom.  (Next time I won't add quite as much fruit so it dehydrates faster.)  Regardless, it was pretty tasty.  It had a bite of tartness and tasted so fresh.  Unfortunately, it took 9 hours to make, but we ate it in less than one.  


  1. Joel Sutherland's avatar
    Joel Sutherland
    Did you just use one blender of fruit? If so I feel better about eating half of this in one sitting.
  2. Katie's avatar
    Yeah I used one blender. It's best we lie to ourselves though about what happened to that tray last night.
  3. Erin's avatar
    My mom used to use yogurt. They were good. Wait are you veggie or vegan? That could make a difference!

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