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One long month later, I finally finished the original Dracula by Bram Stoker!  My sister and I started a book club (if the two of us count as a book club) and are working our way through the classics.  My mom quickly joined but decided to skip our first pick.  

If you were around me at all over the holidays, I told you with great excitement that I was reading this book.  That's because the first half  was thrilling and addictive.  Then it slowed down...a lot.  The last chapters had painfully slow moments, and I was slightly disappointed with the ending.  However, even with saying that, I'm glad I read it.  I'm not a Twilight fan and I never hopped on the vampire trend that spread like wildfire.  Dracula is not clouded with love scenes and teenage sex symbols, but it has character development that captures you quickly.  I also learned where Van Helsing originated and now have a strong desire to watch the movie.  Hopefully Hugh Jackman will get me through the inevitable gory scenes.  


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    Do not watch Van Helsing. Even Hugh Jackman could not save that movie. Do read and watch Twilight, 'nuff said.
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    Joel Sutherland
    I should read this.... sounds scary though.

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