Grandma's China

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One of my favorite wedding gifts we received was my Grandma Riibe's fine china.  She passed away a few years ago (at a whopping 95 years old!) so opening up the gift was really special.  The set had been cooped up in the closet since June because I'd be waiting to find somewhere safer to keep it.  Well recently we got a cabinet from Crate and Barrel for our living room and finally the china came out of the box! It has two glass doors which are perfect if you have a curious puppy.  I'm so pleased to have the china out where I can appreciate it every day.    

Now I need to work on the lower two shelves and the top.  It looks a bit bleak at the moment.      


  1. Kris's avatar
    Where is Wally going to sleep now?
  2. Katie's avatar
    His home moved to the other side of the room. I wanted to get rid of it permanently, but he's been really attached to it lately.

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