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As you can see, I've done some major changes to my website.  It's nowhere near complete, but I wanted to brighten it up.  I tend to like dreary, rain cloud colors, so Joel and I worked on some design changes over the weekend.  My mom and sister, ever so lovingly, gave me some tough feedback on the new look.  I'm taking their feedback and adding it into the changes we'll be making over the next couple weeks.  I hope you like the direction I'm going, and I'll keep you updated on the next design hurdle we take soon.  You can expect a change in the background, logo, and maybe a few more tweaks here and there.  

Another thing I've been working on is utilizing a great feature Hifi offers.  I can really quickly categorize my blog posts so they are easier to group and search.  The problem I discovered?  I post too many different types of things that my categories are on the weak side right now.  Just another thing to add to my "To Do" list this week!


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    I love the teal ribbon at the top! Nice!

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