I'm a sucker for used goods

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  1. Jody's avatar
    A colleague at work had the CUTEST little black dress on today... she got it at a consignment/vintage shop in Omaha called The Giving Tree. It was very Audrey Hepburn and would have been perfect for you. We should hit it when are in Omaha next week!
  2. Katie Sutherland's avatar
    Katie Sutherland
    I love the Giving Tree! I always make time to stop by when I'm in town. Can't wait to hang out and see you guys soon!
  3. Clay Schossow's avatar
    Clay Schossow
    Sell that bag and come to San Fran on our next trip.
  4. Olivia316's avatar
    OMG! LOVE Judith Leiber, AMAZING! I thrift shop also wish we could do it together and PS i've been following your blog...Loves it seriously so good! I need help with mine maybe we can work on it a little in NB?

    Miss you
  5. Katie Sutherland's avatar
    Katie Sutherland
    Thank you so much!...and yeah let's look at next weekend.

    Yes, I wish I had a thrift shopping buddy nearby. Can't wait to hang out in a week!!!! :)

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