Quest to the Midwest

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I had to peel myself out of bed today after a long weekend in Nebraska.  It was great to be in Husker territory to kickoff the football season and to be in town to support my cousin for the University of Nebraska at Kearny vs. University of Nebraska at Omaha game that ended in victory for UNK (Go Lopers!) at 32-29.  

To finish off the weekend, my sister and brother-in-law created a (pop) sodatasting contest after hearing my Dad complain of the lack of Cheerwine in the Midwest.  They found Rocket Fizz in Lincoln, NE that carries several unusual sodas.  So unusual that they skipped the Cheerwine and went straight for flavors like Filbert’s Banana Soda and Sioux City Sarsaparilla.  The most unpopular flavors being Taylor’s Tonics Chai Cola and Taylor’s Tonics Mate Mojito.  We had judges that ranged from age 4 to 74 and at the end we had a pile of 117 Dixie cups and slightly nauseated stomachs.  



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    The birch was the best. It was like a root beer but ultra smooth.

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