My Evolving Work Space

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One of the benefits to working from home is that Joel has given me all the decorating power in my office. I tend to mix and match and prefer odd combinations that ultimately make the space look very “Katie.”  We built my desk out of floor scraps from the Habitat Restore, and I have everything from pictures to ribbon to dried wedding bouquet peonies hanging around the walls.  I think it’s time to take the next step and dedicate a wall to a fun pattern.  These are my front runners at the moment: 

1. Brockhampton Star by Farrow&Ball

2. Little Leaves by Ferm Living

3. Darcy by Graham&Brown

4. Plain Stripe by Farrow&Ball



  1. Erin's avatar
    I like one and three. Two is also very cute but you have to be ready for that, it is a bit bold. I wanna see the final piece!
  2. Best Mom in the World's avatar
    Best Mom in the World
    Jessica and I vote for #2 first and then I also like #3. :-) Momma
  3. Jody's avatar
    Pretty crazy about all four, in the four-square pattern shown above. Why not buy one roll of each and do all four together. I think it would look so Katie... tan and gray... your favorite colors!

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